26th May 2007

26th May 2007

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The Party

Back at New Crescent Yard...

Back to New Crescent Yard, and let's get things moving.

First Barbara, acting In Loco Parentis...

Shame you were driving...we had a bottle of gin in the freezer. Still, the toast to the happy couple then...

The cutting of the (Cheese) Cake. Yum. Cheddar, Cambazola, Stilton, and Camembert.

Then the speeches. Carol with news of Graham's nude piano playing.


Then Rebecca, with news of a nickname. What could Richard's CB stand for?


Then Graham...

And Richard...and...

Relax, and have a drink or three.

Well, Hello Boys... No need to look quite so worried, Rich is now a happily married man!

Let's all do the conga, Let's all do the conga, La laa laa la! La laa laa la!

Pete. Good to know you could at least make the reception...

Gin! Gin! We'll always love it right or wrong,

Gin! Gin! The inspiration for our song!

And how many 'Weight Watchers' points are there in one of those Janene?

Three wise men?

Some of our lovely neighbours

Where was Graham from again?

Well, bless my soul! Who'd have thought Graham still had a cherry to flash?

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