26th May 2007

26th May 2007

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The Gardens

The Calm After The Storm...or do we mean that the other way round?

We decided on bubbles... just a little more in keeping with the high end concept of the whole event.

A Tin Man, a Scarecrow, A Cowardly Lion, and Dorothy... or at least one or two of her friends.


Ingrid and Janene, and then a whole load of teachers...The whole of Cardinal Road School, Graham's lot.


Our 'Best Ladies' again, with Peter, being very well behaved.

My 'Spiritual' family, The Marsh's...well, without Steve, who is in Canada, and without Pete,

who took wife Jackie to the wrong Register Office...


The New Zealand Ladies. A very well thought of antipodean close harmony group,

available for weddings, christenings, bar mitzvah's...

Peter, Hilary, Giles, and Michelle. Why does Graham always look so miserable?

More of those 'Ladies', plus Rebecca. Note Mary, on the right, in classic close-harmony figurehead position.

All the way from New Zealand, Graham's lovely sister Janene.

Looking just a little bit worried that Richard was now a member of the family.

...And my other family. My wonderful, wonderful soulmate and drinking partner Barbara (Left),

along with Ben and Ingrid. Money very well spent Ing!

Ah! So that's why Graham always looked so miserable...and Giles seems to have had just about his fill of...bubbles.

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