26th May 2007

26th May 2007

The Morning

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The Morning

...At New Crescent Yard things began to happen.

From early on deliveries began to arrive. The wine, the flowers, the ice, the food, more wine...

It was as if something was about to happen.

Not, strictly speaking, a delivery young Master Degener sadly lost his hot air balloon...

Barbara and Ingrid just had time for a quick coffee, while elsewhere in the flat...


Graham was starting to get dressed, proving to all the world that he really does look good in leather...

And very soon the happy couple were dressed and ready to leave...

Just a rose from Barbara, and one for my Richard's Best Woman' Rebecca,

And the gruesome twosome  were just about ready to leave...

26th May 2007The MorningCivil CeremonyThe GardensThe PartyContact Us